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Pointure Antelias

Pointure company first unvieled in october 1985 and was established in Antelias

1990 marks the grand opening of a 7 floors complex in Naccache carrying the most glamorous collections as well as the head office.

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Pointure Ashrafieh

When ashrafieh began to emerge as another popular shopping hot-spot, Pointure jumped on the trend and opened their fourth branch. Rather than dampen people's appetite for Pointure, the more branches they opened, the greater became the demand for the shoes.

As promised Pointure is now launching it's new 3600 m2 building in ashrafieh.

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Pointure Verdun

In 1992, Pointure expands to Verdun where it launches its boutiques in the Dunes Center (110sqm).

In 1994, Pointure continues to expand in Verdun where another boutique opens in Verdun 732 Center (106sqm).

In 2004, the acquisition of a 2 floors 3000 sqm boutique in Verdun 732 center is announced

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