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 From Siberia to Paris, a saga of pioneers and visionaries.

Thomas Salomon, 29, fourth generation and the heir to a culture of dreams, emotions and unique know-how, continues the adventure by his father’s side. With his creative outlook for the House fully focused on the 21st century, Thomas Salomon is responsible to establish, with the greatest respect for the tradition of the trade, the dynamic and inventive image of a House still constantly and exuberantly seeking new challenges.

The House of Yves Salomon; A fashion house with a unique knowledge of fur and how to transform it, lists six varied lines: Yves Salomon (The historic heart), Meteo (A young, insolent, accessible profile), Army Fur (Wittily subversive military clothes), Yves Salomon Accessoires, Yves Salomon Homme, 245 Saint Honoré (Top-of-the-range, ultra-creative line).
  Yves Salomon
Products by Yves Salomon
Yves Salomon Zibeline Fur 6WYM46087ZIXX
Yves Salomon
$ 42660
50% OFF, NOW AT $21330
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Yves Salomon Zibeline Fur Y309985ZICV
Yves Salomon
$ 34920
50% OFF, NOW AT $17460
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Yves Salomon Zibeline Fur Y3A6685ZICVX
Yves Salomon
$ 45790
50% OFF, NOW AT $22895
Sold Out
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